Friday, February 7, 2020

Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 35

Ethics - Essay Example In addition, ethics creates a professional working environment while regulating employee behavior towards a more profitable organization. Ethics also encourage the establishment of a solid framework to reward or reprimand employees concerning their conduct. In addition, ethics facilitate actualization or job satisfaction. One of the best ways to enhance professionalism is through leadership where leaders serve as a role model for the staff; moreover, leaders should be in the first line to practice what they ask of their employees. Therefore, as a project manager, it is more efficient to establish democratic leadership, which calls for consultations with all stakeholders within an organization. This would enhance the flow of ideas as well as information and ensure that all employees play a role in the decision making process. The decisions made should emulate ethical values as a basic step towards employee empowerment and encourage teamwork, which in turn, leads to attainment of a higher level of performance. An effective project manager should act to motivate staff members and establish a professional relationship. This can be best attained by defining a viable framework for rewarding or punishing employees. The framework encourages employees to abide to ethics and laid down standards of operation, where they are then rewarded for their efforts. Employees who deviate from the norm are thusly subjected to punishment in accordance to established values. In order to instill code of conduct within the organization, the project manager should also organize training seminars for employees. This is aims to inspire the workers, sensitize them on the importance of practicing professionalism by upholding ethics, and set policies. Emphasis should be placed on the benefits of respecting professional ethics and the code of conduct. This is concerning proper utilization of resources, efficiency and fluency of projects undertaken

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