Monday, February 24, 2020

Sex trafficking Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Sex trafficking - Research Paper Example With the famine of 1871 in northern China, he sells off Lalu to a brothel and later to a slave merchant travelling to America. This was the turning point in the life of the young girl. This novel guides on this discussion on sex trafficking, giving leads on how victims get lured and evaluating possible solutions in the light of the findings. Indeed, sex trafficking is a solvable act of inhumanity. In this early society, sex trafficking was widely spread across the board. Not even were children spared as Li, the sex trafficker in the novel, traffics children together with her other victims. This comes to light when she quarrels Lalu for not getting the fraudulent customs clearing procedures right, claiming that â€Å"Even children: some of them are only ten, eleven years old. Children† were much better than she was (Gold 95). The cultural beliefs that treated women as objects meant for the pleasure of men, who were believed to have the sole rights to working. This therefore meant that women could be used however men would like to have their pleasure fulfilled. Comparably, Moser (226) cites the US Department of Health and Human Services documenting sex trafficking as the second largest and fastest criminal industry worldwide. Women and children still comprise the majority of victims at about 80%, with two million children estimated to be in the commercial sex trade. Borrowing statistics from the United Nations, the researcher further estimates the market value for this crime at over $32 billion. Before the year 2000, sex trafficking was not prosecuted as a crime in itself but under other crimes such as promotion of prostitution. This points out at the society’s rigidity to appreciating women as an equal gender to their male counterparts. They still considered a woman as an object who should not â€Å"work like a man, a laborer† so that they can pass as marriage-compliant (Gold 356). Having pointed out that sex trafficking still remains

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